Doubt It

The second “Doubt It” comes on, its catchy beat brings you into an 80’s hip-hop trance feeling. Then, the infamous Super Duper Kyle brings his lines to life. As the bass hits, Kyle takes you through a journey of self-acceptance and gratefulness. But at the same time you’re resisting every urge from rocking with this beat. Although the beat is simple and repetitive, it’s what really makes the song. But let’s not look away from the lyrics . . .

“I don’t got a ‘Rari, but my whip is really mine though.”

Kyle’s lines are constantly taking jabs at the people who view money as the object that will lead to their happiness. These themes are reflected in the video as well, as Kyle is dressed pretty simply and in typical Kyle fashion (that Bulls overalls top tho). While there are still hints of how money can bring him nice things (i.e. the car), it’s not excessive, as seen in a lot of mainstream hip-hop culture.

“Sometimes niggas gotta read the script and play they part”

Through this line Kyle reveals that he’s had to do things he didn’t want to do to achieve success. While his career isn’t perfect, he’s still happy with where he is professionally. Despite these actions, all he needs is himself, his girl and to be zoning in Cali to be happy. Check out “Doubt It” below.