Rich Girls vs. Cocaine Blues

Turk Anwar, otherwise known as Jakowdy, is a recent graduate of Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y. Turk became musically inclined from a young age; he's played a range of instruments while focusing most of his time on the drums and the violin. Originating from Fairfax, Va., he grew up listening to hip-hop and rap music almost exclusively. However, when he arrived at Cornell, Turk soon began to expand his taste due to the new genres surrounding him.

House is one of the more popular genres of music at Cornell, and Turk became exposed after joining a fraternity and experiencing the Greek life party scene. These newfound genres outside of his usual hip-hop and rap inspired Anwar to YouTube “how to DJ” in order to earn some extra money by performing at sorority and fraternity functions.

After convincing his close friend Alec Charbonneau to join him, the DJ duo The Jakowdy Bros were born. Since graduation, Turk hopes to delve more into the realm of music production, taking the name Jakowdy with him.

According to Jakowdy, knowing how to cater to the wants of the crowd is the mark of a good DJ, and that’s what he’s focused on during his time as a college student. After years of living the Cornell lifestyle, Jakowdy learned what music to play and mix to evoke positive reactions from his audience. “Rich Girls vs Cocaine Blues (Jakowdy Edit)” is a perfect example of this.

The mix originates from a Shwayze remix of “Rich Girls” by The Virgins and “Cocaine Blues” by Escort. By constantly playing “Rich Girls” at parties every weekend, he would notice that no one ever got tired of hearing and dancing to the song. The “bass and rhythm make the song, and the added lyrics are the icing on the cake,” he said. The mashup consists of a simple yet seamless transition from “Rich Girls” to “Cocaine Blues,” bringing out the call and response effect the lyrics of the two songs create.

It’s a crafty and catchy rendition perfect for the party scene, especially at Cornell. Being someone you’d “hand the aux” to in the car, Jakowdy hoped his mix would be a hit amongst his fellow Cornellians.

As he indulges the desires of his audience, Jakowdy mashes, mixes and plays hype, fun tracks that incite listeners to dance (like a coked-out rich girl). With a heavy bassline and cleverly placed lyrics, “Rich Girls vs Cocaine Blues” is a song that will definitely get you moving. Check it out below.

Steven SmithComment