The Feel Good Theory

Being in a band can be a wonderful thing. It gives members the chance to enhance their soft skills while booking performances, learn how to work with a team, as well as learning how to craft language. However, too often we see bands struggle and dissolve because of creative differences or clashes between the members of the group; but what happens when you combine four talented music lovers who were friends from the start?- you get The Feel Good Theory.

Formerly known as Classic City Live, The Feel Good Theory prides themselves on the chemistry they’ve built since the glorious days of freshman year and the old Bolton dining hall (R.I.P.). The band consists of Natalie Nuckolls as lead vocalist and keyboard player, Jacob Amidon on the bass as well as vocals, Tucker Treen manning the drums, and Tucker Morgan on the guitar as well as vocals. The group has a diverse taste in music and typically cover whatever songs they are into at the moment. But as they begin to write their own music, their aim is to create soulful music that simply makes you feel good. Staying tried and true to their mantra of being a band “with a purpose, without a genre,” The Feel Good Theory’s music is filled with substance and themes that seek to evoke a certain feel good emotion from their listeners.

Another reason for the strength of the group’s chemistry and diversity is the different backgrounds in which they initially started playing their instruments. Jacob was drawn to the bass in an effort to be different and because of his love for r&b and rap music, which has a heavy bass influence. Strangely enough, the two Tuckers of the group got their start on the drums and guitar because of the highly influential Guitar Hero: World Tour video game. Natalie, who started classical vocal training at a young age, noted that her tone deaf mother would always sing no matter how bad it might sound. Her mother’s reasoning for always belting out into song was that “happy people sing”; thus, singing became a passion of Natalie’s due to her mother’s wise words and the good feeling that comes from being happy and singing.

When it comes to performing, The Feel Good Theory plays like veterans even though their first gig was just last December. It was an open mic event at Live Wire where the band rocked the show and collectively realized their passion and excitement for their future. With an experienced light and sound crew, a nice atmosphere, and personable managers like Johan Harvey, Live Wire is a great confidence boost for starting artists because of its fortified support system. In order to perform well, The Feel Good Theory doesn’t take the stage until they form their friendship/love circle. By joining hands at the palms, this circle gives everyone a chance to connect physically and spiritually while looking around and seeing why they are doing this. After getting the nerves out in the circle, The Feel Good Theory is ready to perform with a newfound collective energy that projects through their music.

Relating back to their origin as friends, knowing each other’s tendencies allows for the band to be flexible on stage and play off each other and the crowd too. But while their well-built chemistry is apparent on stage, the group is aware that there is always room to improve if they want to be successful in the long-run. For The Feel Good Theory, working towards that next step of improvement is aligning the backup vocals with Natalie. This is an on-going process, however the band realizes that they are going to make mistakes but that should never stop them from pressing on through the process.

Going forward, The Feel Good Theory plans to become more comfortable performing and have an EP written by the end of the summer. The aim of their music speaks to the undeniable greatest song, Hey Ya! by OutKast, by creating feel good music with a deeper message. Give Natalie, Jacob and the two Tuckers a listen at their next performance at The White Tiger Gourmet on May 14th from 6-8pm- their show is sure to make you… feel good.

Steven SmithComment