Qui est Lossapardo?

I first heard the mix "chill mood 001" a few weeks ago, and was immediately hooked to the sound. It led me to pose the question, "who made this?" The answer to that question is Lossapardo. Upon further investigation, it appears that cet artist Parisien is a jack of all trades, he works with music as well as visual arts. There is a common theme throughout his art - the guy loves his fruit. Sonically he brings to the world several varieties of "Chill Mood" (pêche, pamplemousse, tomate, framboise, et de mûre pour citer quelques); all of which are guaranteed fresh, not to mention the aesthetic to match. Check out his ChillMood playlist as well as some of his other work below. You're sure to be bobbing your head nonstop.

Prémices du goût. Insipide #thforbiddenfruit IXI réal: Lossapardo sound: Lossapardo FB: Lossapardo IG: Lossapardo

Prélude de Forbidden Fruit by Lossapardo #thForbiddenFruit Music | Goldlink - G.Y.L.O Real | Lossapardo IG/FB: Lossapardo IXI.

Thforbiddenfruit Le pas. Prémices du mouvement Fruitation sur chaussure Sound: Serious Klein - 24 Réal: Lossapardo x FleuR Peace The step. Just an introduction before the movement. " "Why" is a French word". He said Reebok classic leather white by Lossapardo " I fruit you"

Le goût The Taste thForbiddenFruit ixi Lossapardo Real | Lossapardo . contribution FleuR x Helmasaur Music | Louie Lastic - Close2U Cooking stuff | Lossapardo . contribution Naïma x Alexandre Mousse citron vert sur crumble de poire Granité pasteque menthe citron vert Peace more details : FB/IG: Lossapardo

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Side Note: I knew taking French would be useful one of these days...

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