Scotty ATL "Unplugged" (Live from Smith's Olde Bar)

Scotty ATL, an up and coming rapper out of East Atlanta, recently released a new mixtape, Unplugged: Live from Smith's Olde Bar. The tape is a recording from a live set he performed at the aforementioned Smith's Olde Bar, located in the Ansley Park neighborhood of Atlanta. 

From the jump, Scotty lets the crowd know he was inspired to make this project by the classic television series MTV Unplugged, which has showcased legendary artists dating back to 1989. For this project, all of the synthesizers, 808's, and computers were left at the studio, with the intent of creating an intimate environment and focusing attention to the lyrics. With only the band, the artist, and a cozy atmosphere, the rapper, himself, said "it was like a dope way to connect with the crowd and audience." I think Scotty certainly found the effect he was looking for. The vibe throughout the tape is undeniably southern, and the instrumentation provides a distinctive soundtrack to the stories being told live from the stage. With the focus squarely on his lyrical content, Scotty manages to talk about more than "only guns and alcohol... but yet it's that too." The effort allows for an already burgeoning rapper to gain even more distinction and begin to stand out from the pack. Go ahead and check it out, you'll be sure to feel the emotion that exudes from Scotty ATL's "Unplugged" performance. 

Caleb KPComment