Gunther - The Getaway

Gunther is an electronic artist who began his career in Boulder, CO where he was the resident DJ at The Sink and even released a few tracks as singles. But while he gained popularity in Boulder and enjoyed spending the last four years in the beautiful town, Gunther felt like it was time for a getaway…

The Getaway is like a celebration. For Gunther, it is a celebration for leaving the hectic, sometimes lazy and boisterous college lifestyle. Immediately following graduation, he moved to Chicago and spent the next three months creating his story. Producing, mixing, and mastering the piece in its entirety, Gunther literally spent most of his days crafting the album. With such dedication, drive and attention to detail, it was tough finding someone as dedicated to the cause as he was. However, his buddy Goose was the reliable rapper that Gunther needed.

The Getaway is a comprehensive electronic project whose name and track-listing describe the album’s tale to a tee. The album’s objective is to lead listeners to look at the cover art, grab headphones, close their eyes and see the story play out in their head. You wouldn’t necessarily hear these songs in the club or at a party, but The Getaway takes you on a high-speed ride that is well worth the short 20 minutes it takes to listen to it.

The album begins with a smoother and calm vibe on “6:10 ft. Goose” that prepares you for the listening experience ahead. Quickly changing gears, Gunther searched for sounds to create a specific ambiance for the remainder of the album- like on “Suit Up,” "The Heist ft. Goose & Space Cash," and “The Getaway” (which is my personal favorite track). “The Getaway” is my favorite track because of the fast-paced beat and anxious feeling the song creates that makes the listener feel like they are fleeing the cops. The drumbeat and guitar riffs in “Rippin’ n Tearin’” create a setting that sounds like a mission in GTA V where you’re ripping and tearing in your Zentorno (which is the fictional version of the Lamborghini sesto elemento) through the streets of Los Santos in search of a hiding spot from the police. “We Got Away ft. Goose” is the perfect track to end the album. It’s like a sigh of relief as Goose narrates the crew’s next steps after successfully pulling off the heist. The beauty in this project lies not only in the content, but also the crisp, detailed composition of each track.

I consider The Getaway like a movie for your ears because each track acts like a sequence from a getaway scene. Not only does the content create a pleasant listening experience, but the precise beats and sounds reveal just how much time and effort was invested into this project.

Take a listen to the album below, and if you’re in the Chicago area- be sure to see Gunther perform his album live at The Elbo Room tonight at 8:30.