Luke Bass brings new wave to Athens music scene

With a plethora of venues and lively nightlife, Athens, Ga., is a perfect city to cultivate new bands and musicians. Unfortunately, some genres are seen more often than others. University of Georgia third-year Computer Science and Music student, Kyle Aig-lmoukhuede, is helping to change that.

Kyle started producing music as a freshman at Grayson High School in Loganville, Ga. The inspiration came when some of his friends started rapping.

"I realized I could make beats for them to rap over and that could be my thing," Kyle recalled.

After coming to UGA, Kyle continued his music producing under the name Luke Bass and began branching out into electronic music. Making it in Athens, however, is difficult since the music scene is more heavily centered on folk, alternative and rock bands. Infiltrating the Athens music scene is hard for an outsider.

"You just have to be careful when you want to introduce electronic and hip-hop. I think it will take a lot of hard work and dedication, which I'm trying to put in," he explained.

Last year, Kyle released RELATE EP, garnering hundreds and even thousands of plays on SoundCloud. Kyle preformed at Nu├ži Space in Athens, a venue dedicated to creating a welcoming environment for area musicians. Kyle's most recent single, "Abuse," demonstrates his growing skills as an artist. After letting the beat sit for a while, Kyle mixed up his typical process and added his own vocals over the instrumental. The airy, jazzy instrumental is paired well with warm and funky vocals that give us all the feels.

Watch Luke Bass preform at UGA radio (WUOG)'s "Live in the Lobby" on Jan. 31 in the Tate Center.

Listen to "Abuse" and follow Luke Bass on Soundcloud now: