New Artist Alert - L.G.


"We are going to bring love back"

Athens native L.G. is a high energy, charismatic and smooth entertainer who truly loves making music. He has an uncanny ability to take control of the stage and feed off the energy of his fans. He acquired this ability through his upbringing in the church, where he leads the choir every Sunday. A noteworthy fact is that he refrains from swearing in his lyrics and songs.  

L.G. is apart of a rap collective We Are Weird consisting of his friends Blacknerd Ninja, Profound Dreamer and Squalle. The quartet perform throughout Athens and the State of Georgia where they earned a nomination for best live performers by Flagpole Athens Music Awards. Go vote for them!

Outside of music, L.G. is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. He coaches the Cedar Shoals Varsity basketball team and generously gives back to his community. He is also an amazing friend; he looked out for me when I first transfered to UGA, he took me to church and introduced me to his family and friends without expecting anything in return. His altruism and care for others matches his talent. He has an unique sound and doesn't care much to follow trends in the industry. 

He recently released a love album titled The Remedy. He is bringing love and affection back into this currently drug induced era in rap. The soft and seductive production, the love infused lyrics and melodic chorus create a very smooth and relaxing vibe. My favorite songs from the album is "Homie Lover Friend" and "The Plug." 

So check out his new album The Remedy and listen to his hottest singles below: