New Artist Friday: Kristofer Greczula

Swedish pop singer Kristofer Greczula is making waves internationally with the debut of his first single, 'Taste,' which dropped alongside a sleek video today. The rising sensation draws inspiration from a number of revered American artists – most notably Michael Jackson, whose dance moves he practiced incessantly as a child. He compares his sound to best-selling artist Bruno Mars – and his single ‘Taste’ conjures the same upbeat, radio-friendly vibe that Mars does himself.

Photo Creds: Pictaram

Photo Creds: Pictaram

Kristofer told HMTA that he wrote the song back in February – and dedicated himself in the studio for several days until the track sounded perfect.

Kristofer gained fame across his home country of Sweden while touring with his rock band Damn Delicious, with whom he signed to Universal Records and performed under 500 shows with the group throughout the years. ‘Taste’ is his foray into a solo career, and it tempts listeners to expect much more in the future from this promising artist.

‘I’ve always had it in me that I was going solo – now the time is right,’ he said.

The video for 'Taste' was shot in New York City by Joakim Carlsson of GOODCOMPANY, whose track record includes work with Kristofer’s influencer Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Madonna, Kanye West, Pharell, and Kendrick Lamar.