New Artist Friday: Nick Nery

With a good amount of the submissions flowing across the A&R desks here at HMTA being low-quality or unprofessional (article on professionalism coming soon), it is always a breath of fresh air when an artist supplies a very clean image and sound. Nick Nery is an exceptional instance of this. Nery is an R&B singer out of Cypress, California with a warm sound that feels like the essence of summer afternoons. He’s been featured on Hypebeast and his new EP, Phoenix, makes a strong case for Nery being somebody that you should root for.

The six-track project features Nick Nery serenading about love over rich, soulful instrumentals produced by Nikobeats, who also mixed and mastered the project in its entirety. The titular introduction quickly captivates the listener with smooth guitar riffs layered by minimal drums with Nery’s vocals wrapping the song altogether in a nice package. The lyrics are representative of deeply personal yet cozy communication with a loved one. Nick Nery makes no mistake in elegantly expressing his desires to his dream girl. The rest of the project follows the same pattern, with standout tracks “Waiting for Your Love.” and “Till the Curtains Close” providing pleasant vibes.

Nick Nery showcases himself as a legitimate artist, even though he does not have the following or exposure to match. His incredible vocal skills and range as well as a fantastic ear for tonality deserve to be held in the same regard as some of his more prominent peers in the genre. However, he does a better job to stand out from most other R&B singers by crafting his own signature sound with Nikobeats. This sound is an intimate conversation that is manifested in polished, velvety compositions. Nery has expressed his desire to become a modern-day Stevie Wonder, but who’s to say that he cannot come up as his own artist? He certainly has the talent to do so. Do yourself a favor and give “Phoenix” your support by streaming it on SoundCloud. Be excited for what’s to come from this young man.