This Should Be Played At High Volume

Experimental Bass Sludge-step Weird Bass Indie
Amygdala is a raw connection to fear. It is a manifestation of some of the most difficult times in my life poured into songs that take me right back to those hard hitting emotions. Fear of death. Fear of failure. Fear of factors you can’t control. But instead of letting that fear eat you alive, put on these songs, grit your teeth, clench your fist, and hang on.

Amygdala is the integrative center in the brain for emotions, survival instincts, motivation, and memory. And this EP is a journey that serves as a sonic representation of what exactly amygdala is.

PARTYWITHGUNTHER is starting out the year with a heavy, distorting EP titled Amygdala. Three of the tracks are drowned with bass lines that will rattle your rearview mirror. The standout track for me is “JK” - it feels like the most complete track on the EP. “Glass Mind” almost sounds like a remix of Champagne Drip’s “Oni” with an intro that sets the perfect tone for the track. The final track, “Sacrifice,” stands as an antithesis to the rest of the EP. It’s a two minute piano composition that sounds as if it could be from a James Bond title theme.

Amygdala is the second tape from Chicago’s ableton aficionado- PARTYWITHGUNTHER. Best classified as “experimental bass with a dirty south vibe,” Amygdala is four track EP that’s short in length but presents itself as a thorough, integrated project. This is most definitely progress from his last EP, The Getaway; from beginning to end there’s a neurological concept throughout this EP that presents itself as a complete thought. It definitely seems like PARTYWITHGUNTHER is finding his lane in the weird/experimental bass realm. I’m excited to see what’s next for the rising artist, but for the meantime take a listen to Amygdala on Spotify, Apple Music , Amazon or Soundcloud.