Don't let this Good Morning pass you by

Don’t let this Good Morning Pass you by

Max Powers is a cellist and pianist from Mar Vista, California. From “making beats for friends with Soundcloud rapper dreams” to creating “an amazing micro-journey” that spanned most of his junior year at UC Berkeley, Good Morning is just the tip of the iceberg. What really took this project to the next level was the collaborative effort from talented singers and artists like Stefan Vereen, Elle Abari, Spencer Strong, Kayla Flores, and Marcus Lee. It’s tough to categorize Powers’ music, but this project can be best described as electro-pop. He notes in his submission to our site that music “is all about sharing a feeling/story important to yourself and this is the beginning of [his] book”.

“My Love”

If you’re a sucker for piano and an up-tempo bassline like me, this is the song for you. “My Love” is gentle and smooth like a sunrise on a summer morning, but the piano and jazzy bassline give the track that extra kick to get you up and moving. The accompanying vocals float seamlessly over the beat like a cohesive unit, creating an infectious melody that’ll force you to hit repeat. “My Love” is atmospheric and just a feel good track.


The best description I have for this track is that it’s a heroic trap beat. “Bond” is the type of sound you’d hear on your way to battle the final boss in a video game. I can already hear my friends trying (and failing miserably) to freestyle over this beat.


This track resembles the opening to a synth symphony. As the last song on the project, “Stranger” portrays a mellow attitude that closes the three-track tape and makes the entire album feel like a complete, fleshed-out thought. Also, “Stranger” sounds like an interlude track that would appear on Indicud.

All three tracks have a common theme of versatility. It’s almost impossible to classify Powers’ sound with a single genre. My only negative opinion on this project is that it’s so short. But at just nine minutes and 41 seconds, there’s no reason to let this Good Morning pass you by.