Enter: Azair

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Enter: Azair

Hip Hop R&B Soul

From Atlanta, GA we bring you Azair. He brings a pretty unique rap sound akin to a backrap-like uncanny cross between Makonnen and Future At first glance one thing pops out is that the production on these tracks are not bad at all. Assuming that he produces them (no production credits given) he has some real talent. Here's a little background on Azair.

Azair is a producer, writer, artist, and engineer. It's hard to put a genre on his music, but hip hop and soul are his biggest influences and that is evident in his uniquely crafted sound. Following the success of his first concert with Fat Camp Ent. (Creative collective he is a founder of) Azair has big plans to end 2017 and kick off the new year.
- Azair

We hope to see what he grows into, but for now here are some quick rundowns of some of his tracks

Supported with some late night dreary production, this song is meant to be an alternative RnB anthem right in time for cuffin season. The lyrics are decent however the vocals need work. They are not bad however; clean those up and this could be a hit.

This song is definitely a unique one. The lyrical content are uplifitng and motivating, however the production - however nice - is evocative of RnB late nights. And while the song may not be for me, I can see where he's going and his lyrical style.

By far my favourite song of his, his dreary production takes a complete 180 and brings in some pop-like sounds and he comes with some energy in his voice. Lyrically, his storytelling ability is very visible here and his theme of dating pretty basic Atlanta women shines as the production and vocals compliment each other. The vocals again are the weekest (cleaning comes with better equipment and mixing) but the beat's almost retro sound nearly makes up for it. Despite all that, definitlely worth a listen.

Overall, this seems like an artist that could blow up with some improvements. I'd like to see where he goes. In the meantime, listen to his debut ep below. Definitely rough around the edges but if you get past that you can see the diamond in the rough.