Escape Sequence - "Ember"


Escape Sequence 


Escape Sequence’s sound is just that - an escape sequence; and their latest track “Ember” has qualities that can put you in some sort of soothing trance.

Escape Sequence is a producer and composer out of Bangalore, India. Other than guitar lessons as a youth, Youtube and the internet in general has been where the Sequence has learned to craft their sound over the years. The Sequence started out “scoring a short film called "Hey Blue Eyes" by Redleg Films, starring Erin Breen (from the show Silicon Valley).” They also “started writing for libraries like Ultraphonic (UK) and Triple Scoop (AUS)” and as they “got better with their craft, they got the chance to score one of India's biggest Comedy shows - Baked!”

The featured track is smooth in every sense of the word. It’s composition is a balanced mix of sounds that wash over you like water over sand at the beach - but actually though, there’s a “waves crashing” sound in this piece.

The Sequence hopes to score film and TV someday. And with more tracks like this, I think they’re on their way. So if you’re stressed out or just in need of some good new music, I recommend putting in your headphones in, turning up the volume and closing your eyes as you let the wave wash over you.

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