Get to know Clouds & Crayons

Hometown: Jackson, MS

Get to know: Clouds & Crayons

Electrosoul Alternative R&B Progressive Pop

Aside from sharing quality music made by good people, we at HMTA enjoy getting submissions because it gives us the chance to discover great music we wouldn’t have heard otherwise. The latest submission that has blessed our ears is from electrosoul duo Clouds & Crayons.

Originating in Jackson, MS, C&C performs electrosoul, alternative R&B and progressive pop, with blaring hip-hop and rock elements peppered throughout. Our first project, Love Soliloquy, dropped in 2016; and from that album comes the #love16 series, through which we drop a new video every month on the 16th.
- Clouds & Crayons

Objectively, the entire Love Soliloquy tape is a vibe. If you’re looking for an atmospheric setting laid over crisp instrumentation- you’ve come to the right place. Astin Rocks brings stellar and solid vocals throughout the seven-track project, and whether it’s a beat machine, piano or guitar- Loki Antiphony provides an entrancing sound that pairs well with the vocals of Ms. Rocks. I recommend listening to Love Soliloquy and all things C&C if you’re looking for a crisp, soothing sound. And while you're at it, take a look at the duo's performance for NPR's Tiny Desk Contest series.

Here's my take on the standout tracks as well as the trailer for the upcoming installment of the #love16 series- “Ladonna.” Be sure to check out the full video this Thursday the 16th.

Clouds & Crayons
Dangerous Crush

Clouds & Crayons
Never Make Love
Impeccable Instrumentation

Clouds & Crayons
Stellar Social Commentary

JFP Photo Credit: Iman Khayyam, Spacecamp Photo Credit: Kira Cummings, Humidity Sound Credit: Olivia Ann