Introducing !Mc'Lain!

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Introducing: !Mc'Lain!

Hip Hop Rap Electronic

Every once in a while we get a submission that we have to step back and say - wait, this is actualy amazing. This is one of those submissions. Artist !Mc'Lain! is from the same collective as Azair - Fat Camp - and each of them write, produce, and rap their own songs. Honestly to see a group doing that is a huge gust of fresh air and a true commitment to the artistry; kudos to all of you. Now onto to !Mc'Lain!.

I'm a hiphop artist that believes in experimenting and bending genres. I release a song a month as I believe consistency and quality will grow a fan base. My latest song is available on all streaming platforms and soundcloud! I also produce, and engineer all of my songs. I create as part of a creative collective that's currently working to carve our own unique sound and style onto the music and creative scene.
- !Mc'Lain!

Now normally, I'd go through a few tracks and tell my rundown of them but considering he has a pretty deep well of solid material, I'm just going to give you my favourites: No more, Who To Be, Don't Doubt the Hustle, & Never Do That. His production style seems to be influenced by people such as Kanye & Lupe Fiasco while his rapping is a mixture of Kid Cudi & Kendrick. I would not be surprised if he knew how to play instruments (or read music for that matter) either - especially the piano, since it's very prevelant in many of his songs. He might just be the next big thing.

My hot take on his collection of songs? Definitely check them out. You're sure to see him in a magazine if he gets the right people behind him.

Never Do That
Not Bad at All

No More
Not Your Avg

Who to Be
A New Sound

Check out his recent ep below after checking out the songs I mentioned. And check his most recent song Never Do That in our discover playlist!