The Intellectual Trapper: Keenon Rush

Hometown: Ellenwood, GA

The Intellectual Trapper: Keenon Rush

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Keenon Rush is a budding rapper/producer whose unique combination of formal education and urban upbringing is creating a new wave within the city's music scene. Growing up in the church on the eastside of Atlanta, Keenon discovered his love for music and the importance of creative communication. The Wake Forest University graduate also developed a purposeful work ethic through his years playing football and taking on a rigorous academic schedule, which he utilized during the fall as he performed during A3C Music Conference and Festival, opened up for Matt Citron’s Halloween Homecoming and exclusively premiered his EP Citizen Keen on the popular music blog Pigeons & Planes.

“I got a college degree, why are they hating on me”
- Keenon Rush from “PSA” off Citizen Keen

Keenon is a breath of fresh air in Atlanta, especially with the recent oversaturation of trap music. He finds influence from Atlanta legends like Andre 3000 and 2 Chainz, but his anomalous background compared to his peers earns his music the classification of “intellectual trap.” The ascending rapper displays this uniqueness in his EP Citizen Keen. Over the 7 tracks, he gives his listeners intimate insight into the mind and life of an urban black college graduate battling with assimilation in white America over traditional trap beats. Ironically, he dropped the EP after being fired from his corporate job, which only solidifies his message and adds to his relatability.

"His production is driving, percussive, and often alien—but the lyrics are set in the dirt and sweat of everyday life, the trials and tribulations of a young soul finding his way. "
- Graham Corrigan, P&P

The creative multi-hyphenate from Atlanta will be releasing bi-weekly content via KNSZN, a new roster of music spanning the remainder of the year. KNZSN seeks to mirror the upcoming holiday season's focus on giving by gifting fans with new music every two weeks until 2018. The KNSZN initiative will showcase Keenon's range as an artist by providing music that caters to various listeners while still remaining true to Keenon's brand of artistry. So stay tuned and plugged in to hear more about Keenon Rush.

Here are 3 of my favorite songs

Keenon Rush
Very Relatable

Keenon Rush

Citizen Keen
HIT! Infatuating Beat

The Plug Podcast caught up with Keenon and talked about his recent successes, you can check it out below. The Plug