Introducing: Church Leon

Hometown:West Auckland, New Zealand

Introducing: Church Leon

Rap R&B Electronic

Church Leon is a 17-year-old with roots in the small isle of Samoa. He’s spent most of his life living in West Auckland, New Zealand where he raps and creates R&B based music. We got a chance to chat with the young artist to get to know more about him.

One of his most catchy tracks is “Nevada,” which dropped less than a year ago. The track “BADINFLU” was released about 6 months ago.

“That track ‘Nevada’ I made when I was 15. It was for my cousin to send to this girl he liked on Twitter. And that ‘BADINFLU’ track was just something I spitballed one day that I ended up liking. For me I’m open to make any genre of music. So recently I been working on more alternative sounds trying to grow more as an artist, but at the end of the day Hip-Hop is where my heart is at.”

Did your cousin tell this girl on twitter that you made it? Or did your cousin play it off like they made it?

“Haha nah he told her it was me. That’s her photo that we took straight off her instagram for the cover art. We asked her real awkwardly like ‘uhh can we use this please?' but she was real cool about it.’”

Did your cousin ever meet the girl from Twitter?

“Nah we haven’t met her yet, she still lives in Nevada but we’ll see what happens haha.”

Church spoke with us in regards to the differences in rap culture and what spiked his interest in music. Here’s what he had to say.

“I think New Zealand rap culture is extremely different to anything stateside. In the way that there is a clear divide as to what is americanised and what isn’t. Coming up in that you see a lot of interesting things and meet interesting people that have helped me with this whole Journey.

Growing up I think the internet initially grew my interest [of] wanting to be an artist. You know I was able to see every type of style and genre and kinda pick and choose what I liked and who I listened to.”

Who are your role models?

“My role models in music probably read similar to a lot of my generation. You had older guys like 50, Jay and Kanye who were basically the soundtrack to my childhood mixed in with guys like Frank. Add a lil DOOM and then you get a good idea of who my role models are.

I guess when it came time for me to start making music I kinda was just inspired by anyone. If I had to put it down to a list of people in general, off top it’d probably be; Andre 3000, The Neptunes, Riley Freeman, Allen Iverson and Wes Anderson (that was literally me picking people from the posters on my walls). I draw inspiration from people like that but it’s different everyday.

Being 17 I guess I have a lot to learn but my main goal is just to make good music, hopefully people listen. I’m focused on being the best.”

Migos or The Beatles?

“I only know like two Beatles songs and every Takeoff verse ever so you tell me. Although Revolver is a good album and Band On The Run is one of my favourite songs of all time...I gotta give it to the Migos.”

Church seems very determined to grow as an artist, but also happy with how far he’s come. In the coming months, Church is planning on releasing a new project. Check out a demo from his project below, and be sure to follow him on social media to see what’s coming.