Who is Santana Sankofa

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Who is Santana Sankofa?

Hip Hop R&B Rap
Santana Alvarado is a 20 year old singer, songwriter, poet and activist living in New York City, New York. She grew up writing music to perform for her family in the living room and has grown to become an artist of the Earth. She makes music that attempts describe the complex nature of human emotions, with sounds that allow you to travel and explore the places of her past.
- Santana Sankofa

Santana Alvarado(Santana Sankofa) brings us a unique blend R&B west coast vibes. Her song "Love Wave" is really good and very radio friendly complimented by her intoxicating voice paired with clean piano chords. With enough exposure this could easily get millions of plays; not to mention the cover art is hilarious: "Damn girl, for real? Is this a good idea?" On her soundcloud you can see that she's a poet with a geniune love for music. She hasn't been in the game for long however she is very talented - in songwriting and singing; I reccomend checking out her remixed song "Oh you a poet?"

All in all great easy listen. It appears that this song is a great debut single from an upcoming album. Definitely looking forward to seeing how it plays out. Meanwhile listen to her single "Love Wave" below!