To honor Atlanta during the NFL Playoffs

Future is the man of the rap game right now, not to mention he was previously smashing Russell Wilson's girlfriend Ciara. That itself is a win for the city of Atlanta. Even better, when Russell Wilson visited Atlanta native Cam Newton's Carolina Panthers, the team played Future songs after the first half 35 point blow-out. I decided to capitalize on this "Atlanta Rules, Wilson Drools" trend by creating this video. I think Drake may be my favorite part as he cheers Future on from the sidelines. Drake actually does the same thing on some tracks from What A Time To Be Alive. BAZING!

With the NFL playoffs nearing their end, I always end up looking for way to associate my Atlanta Falcons with the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, we haven't been close to that game since Stephen Jackson dropped the game winning touchdown pass from Matt Ryan ... You know one of the last years that Tony Gonzalez, one of the greatest tight ends of all time, played ... The year we let Colin Kaepernick get to the Super Bowl... COLIN FUCKING KAEPERNICK.

 photo colin kaepernick_zpsdwvz0thc.jpg

Stephen Jackson cursed the Atlanta Falcons and ripped the heart out of my childhood. But that's beside the point. Though Atlanta may not be on the field this upcoming Sunday, the city's influence on the players will be unmatched. Cam Newton has nationalized Atlantan culture this season to an extent never seen before. Due to his success, Cam Newton has been able to broadcast a way of life that many Americans aren't familiar with.

Atlanta's culture is disseminating nationally through all sorts of mediums. From its film industry boom to the mainstream assimilation of trap Music, Atlanta is now a dominant cultural capital; thanks particularly to the city's African American population. I couldn't be happier with where I'm from, and how well my city is doing. Especially considering that Future emerged as the hottest rapper of 2015 (@Omari Powell).

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