The GPG Podcast Episode 24: Romp On, F**K It, Romp Off

GPG Podcast

I know we are late, but EVERYONE needs to check out the podcast by GPG. The four high school friends share their hilarious and unique opinions on twitter trends and life experiences. The quartet Charles (@CharlieSayys_), Glen (@GlenOfSteel), Justin (@AlwysJustinTime) and Ugo (@LetsGo_Ugo) have a genuine chemistry  that's evident through their free discussion and jokes. This chemistry led Ugo to believe him and his friends could create podcast of their usual discourse, and he was right... GPG Podcast is on their 24th Episode. Also through their personal tweets about podcast and twitter personalities, they even put me on to listening to Desus and Mero's Bodega Boys Podcast without even knowing. These four dudes are very intelligent, hilarious and talented, so let them keep you up to date to everything. 

Check it out below:  

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