10 Maxo Kream Songs You Need to Know Before He Blows Up

Maxo Kream is a volatile, menacing and skilled but unpredictable rapper who delivers bona fide street confessions and possesses a talent for flowing on beats that sound very far removed from Houston's traditional sound. Since starting his career in 2012, his buzz has grown steadily and his most recent offering, The Persona Tape, has been greeted with critical acclaim. Here are the ten records to listen to in order to familiarize yourself with the Houston MC.


This is Maxo's most recent release and some of his most stellar work. Maxo has mentioned in interviews before that Nas is one of his favorite rappers ever and we can clearly see his story telling influence rubbing off on Maxo on this track. Maxo tells the story of how he got kicked out of his mother’s house, had to move in with his grandmother and all of the events that transpired thereafter.


This track really shows how Maxo differentiates himself from other druggy or wannabe trap rappers. To hear Maxo on a full 808 Mafia produced record by himself would honestly be my preference. Maxo’s flow and syllable play are impeccable, and he could easily be equated to a 2017 version of Lord Infamous from Three 6 Mafia. “Can’t come in my house the front door is gated/my prices inflated, my plug name is David,” is perfect example of his borrowing inspiration from him.


Maxo Kream literally dedicated an entire song on The Persona Tape to a type of corn syrup used to cut lean. It is often done by heating a coat hanger and burning a hole in the bottom of the pint, and then pouring some of the lean out and pouring some of the Karo in and then melting it back.

However Maxo makes this song perhaps the most detailed depiction of his life to date. He provides background at the beginning of the first verse with "Here's a jugg story 'bout fo' trap brothers/Daddy in the feds broke as hell stay with they mother," before telling stories about his Brother Ike attending TSU while Maxo served athletes and teachers at the school.


A sleeper track off Maxo's sophomore mixtape Maxo 187, "Paranoia" is an ultra-aggressive statement track. It enhances Maxo's persona as a true menace. Lyrics like, "I don't go to war the shit I do is terrorism/Leave your grandma in the house with her head missing/throw away the guns burn up the expedition/we never snitch, never squeal carry on tradition," assure the listener that Maxo's personal life is as deeply ingrained in the street life as the lyrics to his songs.


Maxo gives a vivid depiction of life in the trap while engaging in rampant xanax abuse. Maxo is never shy about incorporating his personal life into his raps and does so brilliantly at the end of the first verse when he raps, "Brain on dummy, pills in my tummy/Living half dead, slow-mo like a zombie/Trapping out my Granny's, Momma can't stand me/Tryna' get away so I'm popping all these Xannies." Maxo also gives crazy details about pressed xanax and what kinds of lean are accessible in Houston at the beginning of this same verse - "Two milligram pill pressed Alprazolam/No Hi-Tech so we sip Alpharma". Maxo's rapid fire delivery fits perfectly on this instrumental and the visuals takes the song to another level. There is nothing glamorous about this video, and you can see in his eyes the toll his Xanax habit has taken on him as he spends a good portion of the video laying in bed. There is no flashy vehicle either but rather an old Pontiac Grand AM. The end of the video features a scene where Maxo pulls a gun on himself which he elaborated on in an interview with Masked Gorilla stating, “The message [in the G3 video] is that I’m on so many drugs I’m about to kill myself. Hopefully they get that, if not just jam the song. Enjoy it.”

Choppa (Fredo Santana feat. Maxo Kream)

This track is really the only notable song that Maxo is featured on to date; but that will likely change in the near future. Despite his lack of notable features, possibly being a shortcoming of his career, getting on a song with one of the most malevolent drill rappers in the game is without a doubt a good look for Maxo. He's able to demonstrate in a side by side comparison that his lyrical prowess is superior to the plethora of generic trap rappers in the game right now.

Out The Front Door feat. Key!

This is another single off The Persona Tape where Maxo certainly displays his signature flow; he showcases his versatility more than ever on this one. He starts off slow but switches up his flow flawlessly to a speedy double-time before finding a plateau somewhere in between the end of his verse. In addition, the song is produced by WOLFE de MÇHLS who also produced "Cell Boomin". It seems that the two have an undeniable chemistry and are destined to deliver some serious heat in the future.

Whitney Houston

This is the standout track on Maxo's sophomore mixtape QuiccStrikes. It's a track named after a singer/actress who allegedly smoked crack in the back of a limo as her daughter sat next to her playing with a doll - this is all according to Houston's ex-chauffeur. It's evident what kind of music Maxo Kream prefers to compose. "Whitney Houston" is the also the introduction to Maxo's signature dizzying flow as he opens the song with rapid fire bars: "Young ass niggas mobbing screaming fuck the institution/hella stupid, rob and shooting/if we meet it's execution/flipping bitches like gymnastics/she going to let me chop and screw it/got that work for distributions/xannies, weed and Whitney Houston".

Cell Boomin feat. Father

Arguably Maxo’s biggest hit to date (off his third project Maxo 187) features a video that essentially is just a footage of a grimy house party. Maxo provides unforgettably vivid trap lyrics about facetiming a plug with his phone on 3%. A$AP Rocky makes a cameo in the video, as well as Awful Records artist Slug Christ whose hysterically turnt up dancing in the background is simply fantastic. If you don't know who he is, just look for the only guy in the video that could possibly be worth of such a name. Furthermore, Father's verse on the song is absolutely epic. "You the type of nigga take a bitch leave the cheddar/I'm the type of nigga get the money get her wetter/Need more provolone, nigga need feta," is only a fragment of what might be his best verse to date.

Big Worm

Just when you thought Maxo couldn't get any more eccentric, he chooses a beat that samples an underground grime beat from the track “Morgue” by British MC Wiley. One of the four singles released prior to The Persona Tape’s debut, the song is an allusion to the classic Ice Cube movie Friday - Maxo's favorite movie. Maxo’s flow is so goddamn catchy on this song that it is easy to overlook the fact that this song doesn’t even have a hook. The video adds a nice touch as well with Maxo serving out of an ice cream truck. As Maxo puts it in his verified Rap Genius annotation, "I chose to use Big Worm from the movie Friday because he was a fuccin boss. This nicca sold dope ice cream and had a SL sliding thru the hood serving. He even put smokey on but he fucced up the money."