Hillarious Compilation of Footage of Rappers Before They Became Famous

In the age of the internet almost every rapper (Young Thug, Drake, Meek Mill etc.) has had old footage of themselves surface on the internet. However some clips of rappers honing their craft before their ascension to fame are funnier than most, here are some of the best clips in my opinion. Definitely a reminder that everyone starts somewhere at that success does not come overnight.


Big Sean High School Parking Lot Rap Battle (2006)

Detroit is known for it’s battle rap roots but this clip isn’t quite 8 Mile (although Eminem is featured on Big Sean’s newest offering I Decided). Truthfully it seems that Big Sean really hasn’t developed that much since his parking lot punchline days. He went from rapping, “She still gotta suck it up like lypo/but all I need is 15 minutes like Geico” in this battle to having equally bad lines such as “I’m Quagmire, I fuck hoes, my cash flows, I giggity-get it” on his debut album Finally Famous. Even though I think Big Sean is one of the corniest artists out it is interesting to see where his creative direction came from and salute to anyone that can make from high school parking lot battles to the mainstream.

Rae Sremmurd as the trio Outta St8 (2011)

If these guys that made this video can put out a platinum ALBUM then anything is possible. Back when Rae Sremmurd was a trio they filmed an absurd amount of cringe worthy music videos under the name Outta St8. Everything from the camera work, the words that appear on the screen, the fact that this video is really just three dudes in a parking lot with their shirts off to Swae Lee’s middle of the mall wooden Jesus necklace make this video basically unwatchable. Not to mention the song is so bad that your ears may begin to bleed from hearing atrocious bars such as, “Say hello to my lil friends, Kristen and Diane/Kristen is from Japan and Diane is from France”. I’ve never heard of a Japanese girl named Kristen, but hey maybe I’m not cultured enough.

The Weeknd as Kin Kane (Not Sure Of Year)

A video of The Weeknd (at this point Kin Kane) recording in some dudes dirty apartment with a track being made on fruity loops without a single loc of the signature palm type hair that he sported for a large majority of his career with someone providing color commentary talking about “nobody want’s to hear gangster shit”. Amazing. What’s also significant about this video is that it features a rare attempt to rap by Abel. Although one could argue that the Weeknd raps or semi-raps on songs such as the “Drinks On Us Remix”, this is still pretty uncommon. The fact that “The Hills” has over a billion streams on YouTube alone and this video has been viewed less than 30,000 times shows that, while all of the artists on this list have become extremely successful, The Weeknd’s meteoric success might make this the most fascinating clip.

 Migos recording a music video in front of a fish tank (2012)

This video is absolutely legendary. Not only is it uploaded to the very same youtube channel that “Versace” and “Bad & Boujie” are, it also features amazing choreography from in my opinion the most talented member of the Migos, Offset. The fish tank really takes the cake as far as homemade music video props go though. Are there even fish in the tank? What kind of fish are they? Did Quavo forget to feed the fish that day? Questions that need answers.

 French Montana wearing a crooked ass headband during a freestyle (Early 2000’s)

You mean to tell me that this dude wearing this triple XL white tee and crooked-ass headband would end up dating a Kardashian? I thought the point of a headband was to keep sweat out of your face, but obviously that doesn’t work if you wear it on top of your eye brows. The transformation that some of these artist go through is truly unbelievable. Shoutout to French Montana because, regardless of what you think about his music this guy put out about a dozen mixtapes before he got his first big break, I my estimate it was at least six or seven years after this video came out that he broke through with “Choppa Choppa” and “Shot Caller”. Who would have thought that a guy used, “Touching more crack than fags” as a bar in a freestyle could end up signing to Diddy.

 Lil Uzi Vert - Steaktown Anthem (2012)

 Before Lil Uzi Vert got a trophy from soundcloud for getting the most followers in 2016, he was going by the name “Sealab Vertical” and was part of a group called Steaktown. Like many of the others on this list this video is just horribly scripted however, the part where Lil Uzi Vert performs some kind of breakdance move on the basketball court before driving past people pretending to play defense for what I guess was supposed to be an acrobatic lay-up is almost inconceivably bad. For someone that is supposedly around 5’4” it doesn’t seem that a basketball court would be the best backdrop for Lil Uzi Vert anyway. Uzi’s verse features references to white girls doing coke and designer clothes (specifically Jeremy Scott Adidas), themes that he has definitely alluded to in his newer work. At the end of the day Big Sean put out a much worse football themed video for “IDFWU”, with a significantly larger budget so Lil Uzi Vert get’s a pass in my book.  

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