Freestyle Fridays: XXXTentacion

Up Like an Insomniac Freestyle

While he’s mostly known for being a sh*tty, woman abusing individual, I have to say that bruh does make interesting music. Usually I call him xxxtentacles, but today I have to acknowledge Xxxtentacion’s freestyle “Up Like an Insomniac”. Honestly, this is a banger for your bass and whether or not you like the guy - this song is sure to get you hype. Hopefully the young guy will change his ways and create some positive change within the community; I will support him on that path to positivity. Overall, I’m going to keep it simple and just say this track will liven up your day. To all of our supporters, stay blessed and have a wonderful day.

The song is from 2017; however, there’s no reason to not show it any love in 2018. If you’re getting off work or just need a song to get you hype for the weekend, I definitely recommend that this song bless your aux. So from me to you, stay blessed, prosper and keep on finessing with our featured Freestyle of the Week.