20 Facts about The-Dream

20 Facts about The-Dream

The true testament of a great artist is one who brings out the best in others. Terius “The-Dream” Nash, aka Radio Killa, is that and more.

20 Facts about The-Dream

The true testament of a great artist is one who brings out the best in others. Terius “The-Dream” Nash, aka Radio Killa, is that and more.

September 20th was his birthday, so here’s 20 facts about the artist.

1. Terius Nash was born in Rockingham, North Carolina, but moved to Atlanta, GA with his mother when he was three.

2. One of the first songs he ever wrote was “Everything” by B2K.

3. Dream wrote Britney Spears’ “Me Against the Music,” which was released as the first single from her album In the Zone.

4. You can’t properly acknowledge The-Dream without also mentioning Tricky, with whom the artist co-wrote and produced for several years on numerous songs.

5. The-Dream wrote Rihanna’s “Umbrella” in twelve minutes.

6. One morning in 2007, he and Tricky went into a studio at 7a.m. By 9:30 a.m., “Umbrella” and J. Holiday’s “Suffocate” were written.

7. He wrote “Baby” by Justin Bieber in 22 minutes.

8. Some of the radio edits of The-Dream’s songs are better than the explicit versions (ie. “Shawty is a 10” is better than “Shawty is the Sh*t,” and “Rockin that Thang” is better than “Rockin that Sh*t”)

9. The-Dream was featured on Fabolous’s “Throw it in the Bag.” The remix samples Dream’s own song “Fancy.”

10.....“Fancy” is one of the greatest songs ever made.

11. Since 2008, The-Dream has co-written thirteen songs for Beyonce.

12. He wrote “Single Ladies” in seventeen minutes.

13. Dream has an uncanny ability to write from a woman’s perspective, which he credits to the closeness he had with his mother and being surrounded by older women growing up.

14. Dream wrote Beyonce’s “Dance for You,” which interpolates a verse from his song “Ghetto.”

15. Originally, “1+1” was supposed to be on Love vs. Money, Dream’s second album. However, LA Reid didn’t like the song, so Dream took it off. He forgot about the song, but it eventually found its way to Beyonce and became one of her most acclaimed ballads.

16. The-Dream was relaxing in Newport once when he got a call to come to New York from Chaka Pilgrim, current president of Roc Nation. Had he not gone, “No Church in the Wild” would not exist, which went on to win a Grammy.

17. Frank Ocean, who was also featured on “No Church in the Wild,” worked with Dream’s longtime collaborator Tricky Stewart on Frank’s “Novacane”.

18. In 2016, Dream released a visual album, “Genesis,” exclusively on Tidal. It’s amazing.

19. “Walls” is one of the most depressing and beautiful songs he’s made.

20. In his opinion, artists shouldn’t shy away from comparisons to those who came before them because everyone pulls from everyone.

As a songwriter there are few who have the ability to create hits as effortlessly as Dream. Imagine the same artist who wrote the song for one of the most iconic videos of all-time also writing the hit that made another artist a superstar. In the spirit of giving people their flowers while they’re still with us, I just want to appreciate his greatness while he’s still here giving us hits even when he’s not at the forefront.

Enjoy these playlists featuring some of Dream’s best work.

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