More Drake?!

I look forward to few things as much as I look forward to the weekly Views listen. To this day, that album remains the best project of 2016. I waited a while for the album, but what I got from Views made the wait worthwhile. Now, Drake is one of the hardest working musicians I know. He is the obvious leader of this “saturate the market with hits” movement that has been growing rapidly. I shouldn’t be shocked we’re getting another project, More Life by the end of the year. If Views was my early Christmas present, then More Life shall certainly serve as an equal, if not better gift around the actual date.

On the most recent episode of OVOSound Radio, Drake debuted FOUR brand new tracks: “Sneakin' feat. 21 Savage”, which was the long awaited collaboration between these two. “Fake Love” which is sure to be a huge pop hit much like "Hotline Bling". “Two Birds, One Stone” which was laced with shots at different rappers, including Kid CuDi, who had some choice words for Drake several weeks ago on Twitter. And he also released a remix to “Wanna Know” by Dave.

In what has been a historic year for Drake, followed by an amazing summer full of hits and a successful tour, I don’t know if anyone can imagine what we may be getting from More Life. Drake has described it as neither an album nor mixtape, but rather a playlist where he and other OVO artists contribute songs. With the year dvsn, Roy Woods and PARTYNEXTDOOR have had, this project may end this record-breaking year on a very high note. No puns intended.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t address Drake’s comments about Kid CuDi on “Two Birds, One Stone”. In response to CuDi’s incendiary tweets, Drake addressed CuDi’s current mental health issues with the line “You were the man on the moon, now you just go through phases, life of the angry and famous”. Having read all of my articles here, you all know I will go to bat for Drake any day. However, I cannot condone these lines. Drake could have said anything. Or said nothing. He’s won battles like that before. It’s clear he was going for the headshot here, and if you’re gonna respond, then of course you ought to really go for it. But as someone who both I and many others look up to, for his work ethic and kindness, this was disappointing.