Mashup of a Mashup

Several artists have been mixing two of 2015's biggest hits, "Where Are Ü Now" and "White Iverson." No doubt, I want Flosstradamus' mix played at my funeral. Yet while I don't think any mashup could supercede the quality of the individual songs themselves, it takes serious talent to be able to combine two incredible songs and produce something fresh. So then what happens when you combine THREE amazing songs?

On Feb. 1, artist Avstin James, who specializes in mashups, released "Wild For Ü Iverson." This heart-pounding, tear-rendering beat smoothly combines not two, but three of 2015's hottest tracks; James throws A$AP Rocky's "Wild for the Night" into Flosstradamus' masterpiece for a song you won't be able to turn off replay. Check out James' SoundCloud page for more mashups, featuring other gems such as "Ryderz Please" (J. Cole's "Lights Please" and Hudson Mohawke's bluesy "Ryderz").

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