Pep Rally

What a weekend! Beyonce dropped her new single "Formation" on Saturday as a prelude to the Super Bowl halftime show. During a perfectly-timed Super Bowl commercial, Missy Elliot dropped this new energy-filled track that is sure to be a hit just like most of her sudden releases. Missy has a track record of creating music that is full of energy and excitement, as we know the diva loves to dance. "Pep Rally" is no different and sounds exactly like its title. She uses a great mix of horns, drums and even a whistle to give listeners a marching band-esque feel as if you were on the sidelines or in the bleachers during a sporting event at halftime. As a matter of fact, Missy's track could have easily replaced Coldplay as the Super Bowl 50 halftime show opener. Just like Missy's other classic hits, this one is sure to keep you moving.

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