Rihanna drops "Needed Me" video

Earlier today, Rihanna dropped a new video for a song from her latest album, ANTI. With the comforting reminder that “Mustard on that beat, ho”, the video to her song “Needed Me” starts off with RiRi strutting in a sheer cloak, sporting her usual aura of controlled confidence.

Rihanna is known for switching up her style time and time again, but personally, I’m hoping badass RiRi is here to stay. With island vibes floating over a vigilante undertone, Rihanna and video director Harmony Korine mix their styles flawlessly. The result is somewhat of a remix to Korine’s last film "Spring Breakers," sporting many of the same themes – a lifestyle of motorbikes, money, guns and omnipresent nudity.

This is now the third badass video that has surfaced from ANTI, released earlier this year. Reminiscent of the “Bitch Better Have My Money” video released last summer, Rihanna reminds us that she’s not one to fuck with.

And let’s not ignore the release date. Well played, Ri.

Check out the video to “Needed Me” below, now available for viewing on Tidal and YouTube.