Waiting on it

Oh man, not again. The 6 God has made Christmas come early lately, dropping new tracks as well as new features. It started about two weeks ago with his feature on fellow OVO artist PARTYNEXTDOOR’s “Come and See Me,” a slow ballad that surely had many people in their feelings and drafting texts to their exes. And it probably fueled some arguments with its repetitive verse “come and see me for once, you don’t ever come to me.” But anyways.

He then dropped his own “Controlla (feat. Popcaan)” and “These Days (feat. Babeo Baggins)” on us last week. “Controlla” has a reggae feel, a smooth follow-up to his feature on Rihanna’s “Work.” (He’s basically singing about this girl he’s with, how she’s got him mesmerized.)

“I think I lie for you, I think I die for you, Jodeci ‘Cry For You,’ Do things when you want me to, Like controooollaaaaa” Drake’s taken on a Caribbean persona as of late, and it’s being very well received. “Controlla” is already being regarded as what will be one of the best party songs of the summer. Popcaan contributed a fun verse, adding to the reggae vibe.

These Days,” a cover of Jackson Browne’s song of the same name, seems like the type of track that Drake would use as an interlude on an album. We know he likes slow, in your feelings type interludes and “These Days” was just that. It is one of the best songs I’ve heard from Drake vocally. The boy sang his heart out.

As if that wasn’t enough, we got “Faithful (feat. Underground King Pimp C).” Drake’s always had an affinity toward UGK, being featured on a few songs with Bun B. This song is really just Drake telling his girl that he is hers, no matter how busy their lives are. She can handle her business and flourish on her own, and he’ll still always be there for her.

“That p*ssy know me better than I know myself” was deep. It’ll hit you at some point. But that’s just what Drake does with some of his lines – it doesn’t hit you till it hits you.

Another slow ballad from PARTYNEXTDOOR featuring Drake leaked entitled “Tell Me.” At this point, when these two link up I expect nothing short of what we got from this track. At least they’re consistent. PND is capitalizing on Drake’s superstardom to elevate himself in anticipation of PND3, and it’s paying off.

It continues . . . Just yesterday, Drizzy dropped “Pop Style (feat. The Throne)” and “One Dance (feat. Wizkid and Kyla).” Now I was just so excited that there was more new Drake, I didn’t even bother trying to figure out who “The Throne” was. For real, I have never clicked a link so fast. I also unashamedly say I paid the $1.29 for each song on iTunes. I tweeted this yesterday (@armizzle_), but when it comes to new Drake, there is no price too expensive.

I played “Pop Style” first and it bumped. It just sounded like a song about how awesome his life is. “Dropped out of school now we dumb rich,” “All my niggas wanna do is Pop Style/Turn my birthday into a lifestyle” I like the beat and the flow a lot; the song is evidence of Drake’s versatility. But then I heard Jay-Z’s voice.

Wtf? Where did he come from? How? Why? What? Yet, as fast as Hov came, he went . . . only for Kanye’s voice to come up next!

Then it clicked in my head, The Throne. Watch The Throne was the very successful duo album from Yeezy and Hov in 2011. Drizzy Drake, you clever devil. I admire this move. Kanye’s riding a wave with his recent drop of The Life of Pablo, and Hov hasn’t been heard in quite some time so it was a welcomed surprise. I see it as Drake paying homage to them, calling them The Throne. He certainly watched them as he ascends to the top of the rap game, and sought to embody all they’ve done right.

Yeezy didn’t disappoint. He’s taking this Pablo persona and running with it. Drake does a really good job of catching artists when they’re hot and getting them to drop some flames on his tracks. (Future with WATTBA, Rihanna's “Work” followed by her dropping ANTI) What if Drake, Jhene, and Big Sean collabed? iPhone thinking emoji

I don’t want to say last but not least because it’s possible another song will drop in the next minute. However, for now we can discuss “One Dance.” He half sings, half raps over a UK-esque beat. I envision this being a fun party song, maybe that’s just me. “I needa one dance, Got a Hennessy in my hand, One more time ‘fore I go, Higher powers taking a hold on me” Kyla and Wizkid add some great vocals, so it’s an overall solid song.

All this fire leaves me with a few questions. Where is Views? Are we being given Views in increments? Will any of these songs actually be on the album? What’s the angle he’s going for? We know Drake likes to drop a lot of singles on us, and then come out with a project that incorporates little to none of these singles. A lot of these songs seem to get at similar points as well, so this album could one of the most in-your-feels albums he’s dropped yet.

My guess is he’s giving us something to hold us over as he perfects Views. “Summer Sixteen” was good track to tide me over, but all these recent gifts are overwhelming. We thank you, 6 God. We’re waiting on it. We know you won’t disappoint.