Pick Up the Phone - Travis Scott

Southern heavyweights Travis Scott, Young Thug and Quavo team up on a late contestant for song of the summer, "Pick Up The Phone". This is the first collaboration between all three artists, though Thug and Travis have quite a history of bangers, including Skyfall and Mamacita The single incorporates the best qualities of each artist: Travis Scott croons over the hook with his signature adlibs (“It’s lit!”; “Straight up!”), Young Thug meanders between indecipherable and quotable lyrics, and Quavo delivers razor sharp autotune.

The highlight of the track is its unique beat; a repetitive islander sound resembling a steel drum. Also notable is the theme of the song- pursuing a woman without her reciprocating the advance, as this isn’t something we often see amongst harder artists.

The single is rumored to be the first track debuted from Travis’ sophomore album. If this is any indication of what the album will sound like, we’re hyped.

Anna HopkinsComment