Culture - Migos

I was really looking forward to Culture dropping for several reasons. Over the last few months, the Migos have been on this crazy wave due to “Bad and Boujee” ascending to the top of many charts in 2016. An even steeper ascent followed the shout-out from Childish Gambino after his show Atlanta was awarded at the Golden Globes. The memes, the creative Tweets, the creation of “Quavonce Knowles” and the call for them to perform at the Super Bowl have elevated Migos onto radars they weren't close to being on a year ago. Following their 2015 flop Yung Rich Nation and legal troubles for the trio, an argument could have been made that Culture was going to flop as well. Newer Migos fans who didn’t know they made good music prior to "Bad and Boujee" certainly didn’t know what to expect, even with "T-Shirt" and "Call Casting" gaining much attention thereafter.

Culture was great. If I had to give it a ranking, it would be a 8/10. 2017 has just begun but it’s one of my favorite projects to have dropped thus far. From the selection of features to the ad-libs to the quotable lyrics and fire production, it was exactly what Migos needed to release to silence all of the doubters.

Atlanta has always been a haven for great music. While Future’s hype has seemingly dwindled, Gucci Mane’s release from jail and subsequent release of three albums has kept ATL more than relevant. Migos, for what it’s worth, has held down the ATL rap game as well but if you weren’t a fan who sought out their music you wouldn’t have known that prior to hearing this album. Some have known what Migos has been capable of for a while, but having finally made it to the big spotlight they certainly did not disappoint.

Out of the 13 tracks, the most notable songs, besides the singles, are “Get Right Witcha”, “Big on Big”, “Slippery”, “Culture” and “Out Yo Way”. The first four feature the typical Migos staccato-style rap. “Get Right Witcha” could possibly be the next big anthem of Migos. It incorporates their famous repetition, references to “bad bitches” and basically everything else we love about the Migos. “Big on Big” has been the subject of many people’s Tweets over the last couple days. “Slippery” has a very strong opening and even stronger feature from Gucci Mane. “Culture” opens the album and features the famous yelling of DJ Khaled. It’s also quite interesting the song references how the album is coming soon...while being the song to open an album that has already been released. Finally, “Out Yo Way”, the last song on the album, is Migos’ version of a ballad and it could certainly prove to be endearing for couples who love rap. I’ll have to sing it to my girl and see what she thinks.

There’s been much clamoring about Quavo perhaps leaving Migos and going solo like Beyoncé departure from Destiny’s Child. While I do believe he could do very well on his own, and he emerged as one of the best artists one could feature on their tracks in 2016, Migos is finally getting the national attention they deserve-and the trio needs to capitalize on this success together. Their style of music is constantly evolving, and while I feel they have the talent to stay relevant, their competition continues to stiffen. Offset and Takeoff both possess a lot of talent, but that combined with Quavo’s following is what makes the Migos who they are. What they gave us on Culture is the exact reason why they shouldn’t split. But rather than worry about something that has yet to be decided, let’s just enjoy this album. Shoutout to Migos and I look forward to what’s next (coming soon, they’ve been in the studio...).