CATCH ME IF YOU CAN - Cheating anthems

Haters gonna hate, lovers gonna love, cheaters gonna cheat. Now I don't necessarily condone cheating at all, but I feel like they don't get enough credit. It's easy being wholesome, but it's super hard to just up and destroy someone's self esteem and break their hearts. I have some real respect for that level of disregard and audacity. So... here we are giving you some anthems for doing the do... putting your lime in their coconut, and sneak sneakin. Unapologetically cheating. And if you got that extra push to be a piece of shit here it is.

Now before I just give you the push into the promised land of someone else's loins, let's go over some highlights of the playlist.

Cheating Legend: Shaggy

Now I don't have to explain this, but this man is a cheating legend. Deny, Deny, Deny. His song "It wasn't Me" reverberates throughout all our hearts. Do we trust our spouses? What if it really wasn't them?

Usher's No Good Cheating ***

I just want you to understand that Usher Raymond is in this playlist a daunting 5 times. FIVE. FOH. That wasn't even all of the songs I could've put on here. He really isn't ****. But I'm the one who's single? OK. 

The Entire Fleetwood Mac Rumours Album

This entire album, which I only added 2 songs off of, is an album made for cheaters by cheaters. I will not explain the story, but it is definitely worth a Google. 

Ready yet? Below you will find these beautiful national treasures. Cheat in peace. There is no prize for being wholesome.

BELOW: Proud Cheater's Anthems