It's gonna be May - A Justin Timberlake Tribute

Suit and Tie ft. Jay Z An instant classic upon it’s release, this track off The 20/20 Experience was a work of art musically and visually. It provided the perfect blend of confidence, class, and grit. A staple in any feel good playlist, JT’s smooth vocals paired with Hov’s raw verse provides a clean contrast that makes you feel fluid and sharp at the same time.

Rock Your Body A textbook JT song at it’s core, this track doubles as the perfect example of what typical early 2000s pop/dance music was about. It’s unabashed flirting and upbeat demeanor brings millennials back to their childhood roots when MTV played music videos.

Spaceship Coupe Another hit from The 20/20, this jam is an interdimensional love song. This serenade takes you on a ride throughout the stars, and what makes it a shooting star of a track is its innate ability to break the mold (see what I did there Smash Mouth fans). Its use of a guitar solo mid-song to act as a transition between the song’s distinct tempos made you feel like you went to the moon and back.

My Love ft. T.I. Two words - Club. Banger. This song was all that and a bag of chips. Everyone from Kiss FM to Power 106 had this all over the airwaves. When the track came on anyone that thought they had game immediately went onto the dance floor and did their thing. However, for those of us in their awkward middle school stage, this song was wrought with the nostalgia of running over to the concession stand and trying not to stare at your crush at a school dance.

Sexy Back The crown jewel of an iconic album, this was the peak of JT’s creativy and experimentation. It was provocative and had everyone turning their heads as one of 2006’s most popular tracks. The song’s ferocity and Prince-esque sex appeal took the world by storm; bringing electronic beats into a mainstream market with hip-hop and pop respectively.

Future Sex/Love Sounds Without a doubt, this album was what turned Justin from the jean jacket-wearing little boy trying to act bold into the suave artist that made everyone turn their heads. Not only the title track, but also the initial track sets the tone for the album. Along with the electronic beats and JT aiming to seduce listeners with the low vocals, this was the first buzz in long series of intoxicating songs.

(And She Said) Take Me Now Fresh off his debut album Justified, this track was somewhere between poppy-boy band tune and a hip-hop club song. In retrospect, when compared to the rest of the album, it spoke to the strong thematic consistency for his first solo project.

Until The End of Time (Remix ft. Beyonce) Queen B x Justin Timberlake. Anything less than a magical duet would’ve been a disappointment.

Señorita Speaking of magical combinations, you know anytime Pharrell hops on a track it’s almost guaranteed to be fire. Produced by the legendary Neptunes, this R&B track track has significant latin undertones while providing a jazzy feel with the brass and piano notes. Closed with a back and forth outro, it leaves listeners wishing that was how all of their last calls went. All in all it’s an excellent background song for everything from small kickbacks to venues where the band is playing cover tunes.

It’s Gonna Be Me Would it really be a JT song review in May without this song?

Celebrate Justin Timberlake’s greatness all month long with these tracks and more on our It’s Gonna Be May! playlist on Spotify.