Should Tyler, The Creator Be Banned from the U.K. & New Zealand?

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I'm a fuckin' walking paradox—no, I'm not Threesomes with a fuckin' triceratops

Over the course of the past 5 years, I went from really disliking Tyler, The Creator to really loving his music. Although I (along with millions of others) love his music, he has been quite problematic in the eyes of some. Tyler has been infamous for incorporating controversial topics and vocabulary into his music. But over time, he seems to have slowly become more aware of the impact of his words and content. Tyler’s first two (and most controversial) projects were his mixtape Bastard (released on Christmas of 2009) and his first album Goblin (2011). While there was about a year and a half between these two projects, they were both very dark in terms of the topics they covered. Tyler discusses rape, misogyny, violence, and loads of other controversial topics. If you listen to the projects, you’ll see for yourself.

Look at that face

Look at that face

I'm not gay, I just wanna boogie to some Marvin (What you think of Hayley Williams?) Fuck her, Wolf Haley robbing 'em I'll crash that fuckin' airplane that that faggot nigga B.o.B is in And stab Bruno Mars in his goddamn esophagus And won't stop until the cops come in

One, two, you’re the girl that I want Three, four, five, six, seven, shit Eight is the bullets if you say no after all this And I just couldn’t take it, you’re so motherfuckin’ gorgeous

Gorgeous, baby you’re gorgeous I just wanna drag your lifeless body to the forest And fornicate with it but that’s because I’m in love with You… cunt

While Tyler’s language and content remained violent through these two projects, it took almost a complete 180 with his last two projects, Wolf (2013) and Cherry Bomb (2015). In these projects, Tyler experiments more with his sound, incorporating a lot of jazzy vibes and instrumentation. This allowed him to ditch the controversial and immature vibe that Odd Future was notorious for. Tyler’s frustration and anger was still clear in some of his songs, but it seemed he was beginning to realize what topics and language he should steer away from. He even addressed the issues people had with him in his song “Rusty.”

But he rapes women, and spit wrong, like he hates dentists God damn menace, 666 and he's not finished And my shit's missing, he hates women, but love kittens See y'all niggas tripping, man Look at that article that says my subject matter is wrong Saying I hate gays even though Frank is on 10 of my songs Look at that Mom who thinks I'm evil, hold that grudge against me Though I'm the reason that her motherfucking son got to eat

While Tyler never raped anyone, he talks about it heavily in Bastard and Goblin. Therefore, many people began to view him as a “menace.” He has also been questioned about his use of the word “faggot,” especially due to his friendship with Frank Ocean. Tyler has claimed in many interviews that “words are just words.” That’s it. Nothing less. Nothing more. According to his logic, he thinks it’s okay to discuss rape and use homophobic language. But, many people think quite differently… As the American Culture began to become more politically correct, it seemed that Tyler took notice and began to mature (somewhat) and realized how his actions, words, and music impacted others. This possibly drew him back and made him realize that he could not continue discussing such serious topics as rape and sexuality in a “humorous” way. Therefore, Tyler changed his subject matter and continued making the music he loves. The biggest issue regarding this whole topic is that Tyler, and the rest of Odd Future, were banned from the U.K. and New Zealand in 2015 due to their violent music. Specifically, Tyler was being judged by the music he made when he was 16 and 17 years old, instead of his newer and less controversial content. Just take a look for yourself.

BastardGoblinWolfCherry BombBitchBastardGoblinWolfCherry BombFag/FaggotBastardGoblinRapeBastardGoblinWolfCherry BombMisogynyBastardGoblinWolfCherry BombHomophobia BastardGoblinWolfCherry BombViolence
BitchFag/FaggotRapeMisogynyHomophobiaViolence012345601020304050607080frequency, #Tyler The Creator Word Frequencies By AlbumBastardGoblinWolfCherry Bomb

Note: These statistics only count chorus lines/topics/words once and are not double counted. Statistics regarding and related to homophobia don't include the use of the word “f**” or “f*****” to avoid double counting. The same applies for lyrics regarding misogyny, as we didn’t want to double count the word “b****.” In addition, these statistics are in regards Tyler’s verses only and do not include or represent statistics for other Odd Future members.

Based on this evolution of his music, should he and the rest of Odd Future still be banned from the U.K. and New Zealand?

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