Why T-Pain, Why?

This Friday, T-Pain decided to grace our ears by releasing the much-anticipated T-Wayne collaboration with Lil Wayne, that was promised to have dropped about 9 years ago at the peak of their respective careers. And let me say this as respectfully as possible, why the F*** did you make us wait so long T-Pain!?

T-Wayne, consisting of eight-tracks, is reminiscent of the golden age of early 2000’s rap, bringing us all into the feels and has us longing for the two artists’ careers to flourish once again. The eight track ordeal, showcases T-Pain’s spittin’ ability, while Wayne shuts up haters with his harmonizing all throughout the album. The production throughout the album, is melodically and technically similar to that of Tha Carter III or Epiphany, much to the satisfaction of Wayne and Pain stans. “DAMN DAMN” is my personal favorite of all eight tracks as we have Wayne and T-Pain floating and harmonizing over glossy keys, snaps and 808 drums as they serenade a potential love interest in hopes of showing her the time of her life.

On a side note, T-Pain may be in the running for surprise album of the year, writing on twitter, “This aint for y’all new ni****. These the lost files from ’09 and im tired of em just sittin on my hard drive”, then subsequently releasing the album on soundcloud the very next day.

T-Wayne is comprised of surefire hits, that most definitely should have been released a long time ago, if not for record label disputes. As we over at HMTA gawk and awe at this timeless, legendary piece of history, we hope to see these artists collab once again and reclaim their throne. Watch out Birdman.