Wrong - A$AP Mob

A$AP Mob has finally dropped the first single off the highly anticipated Cozy Tapes: Vol. 2, "Wrong". It’s high pitched background melodies intertwined with fast tempo snares laced into a catchy chorus create a mellow tune that melts in your brain. In conjunction with the very stark single cover, A$AP Rocky’s modern day crooning sets the lyrical tone as it takes a sentimental route this time around (as the song is basically a plea for forgiveness over cheating) unlike its predecessor’s singles. Rolling Stone problems are not new to society and most certainly not novel to a hyper-sexualized hip hop industry, but Rocky and Ferg provide humble and nonchalant vibes - showcasing how this has become normalized. In an unapologetic dating age, the two reflecting on personal relationships is a refreshing take that's reminiscent of Childish Gambino's "Redbone".

Primarily acting as a potential foreshadowing for a more serious project, it does it's job with the enjoyable vocals and beats complemented with just enough witty lyricism and pop culture references to provide a balanced track. “Wrong” isn't a typical hip-hop summer banger by any means, so do not expect it to be breaking any billboard records or taking over the airwaves. On the other hand, A$AP Mob may have created a new get of jail card for those whose significant others don't appreciate you playing the field. So kick back and chill out even if you’re in the wrong.