Confessions of a “Mumble Rap” Aficionado

First off, these so-called mumble rappers don’t even mumble and you don’t need Rap Genius to know that. In this day and age when people try to downplay Drake’s success because he doesn’t discuss conscious or woke content in his music, people need to accept the fact that things can be different and things change. The weather changes. It can be hot yesterday, and snowing today. Your girl’s hair may be long yesterday and today she may have a sharper hairline than you. Artists back in the day made music to empower their people, and today they simply have fun with it.

I’m so sick of people discrediting the artists who rap about lean, women, and cars. Good music is good music is good music and lyrics are not the only aspect of music. We are blessed to be alive at a time where producers like Metro Boomin, Mike Will Made-It and Zaytoven are at the peaks of their careers. To discredit artists like Lil Uzi Vert, Young Thug, and Future for not rapping about Black Lives Matter or other substantive content is disrespectful to these producers who put their heart and soul into these tracks.

Open your minds. Do you really go to parties wanting to hear To Pimp A Butterfly or All Amerikkan Bada$$? Or do you want to hear Slime Season 3 and FUTURE? Don’t answer the question because I already know the answer. People really can never be satisfied these days. There’s a reason these “mumble rappers” are popular today just like there’s a reason Lil Yachty was hired by Nautica. They bring personality, uniqueness, and mystery to music. I’m still trying to figure out what the hell Uzi was talking about on “XO Tour Llif3,” and even when I figure it out, I’m still going to listen because that beat bumps and Uzi’s auto tune is so well used.

People want to seem so high and mighty because they like older music they weren’t even alive to hear. People want to tell you why an artist whose direct influence on a generation that they’ll never understand, is better than the artists of today. Develop your own opinion instead of listening to old-heads who tell you why music was better back in the day. Because I promise you, your Tweets won’t stop Lil Uzi from saying “yeah” 80 times on a song. It won’t stop Lil Yachty from making zero sense. It won’t stop Future from rapping about Percocets. It’ll only make them do it more, the more you talk about it.

And they deadass don’t mumble, I’m still on that.