"One I Want" - The Song I Wanted

So…Majid Jordan is just gonna drop “Phases”? And then PARTYNEXTDOOR is just gonna drop Colours 2? And then they’re gonna JOIN UP on this summer hit?!? Nah. I’m overwhelmed.

The moment the beat hit, I knew what we were about to get. PND slides in with the smooth chorus about how the money he has isn’t changing his love for whoever he’s singing about this time. But on the flip side, he could be referring to her being an exotic dancer and his affection for her not being affected by that. I love music like this that provides flip sides.

PND’s first verse is woozy and hypnotic as per usual. “At first you was likey likey now you love it now, First I was touchy touchy now I’m touching down.” “Don’t show your colors unless it’s vibrant, All real b*tches move in silence” Sheesh.

Majid slides in on the second verse reflecting on how far he’s come in his life as well. “Use to bus to class, Now I’m on first class, Champagne in my glass, Look at what we did, Young and restless with, Milions here to spend.” “Yeah yeah they love me now, They hit me up but I give em the run around.” Majid recognizes some girls are out here trying to get at him just because of where he is in life, but he’s stuck on his one girl.

THEN they jump on the chorus together. Y’all gonna chill or nah? No. Cool. If this is what is to come from Majid’s album that is soon to come, I am ready. So very ready. Check the track out on Apple Music or Spotify and bless your ears as I have.