Katy Perry Removes her Mask

Social media is so huge and influential that it’s difficult for musicians to maintain a personal life. Katy Perry recently hit 100 million twitter followers, and she is the first person to achieve this – passing the likes of Justin Bieber, Obama, and Taylor Swift to name a few. That is an insane number of people who follow everything that she posts. It also must take a toll thinking that 100 million people are hanging on to your every word. Katy has also been in the news recently for her 3-day livestream. She did this to not only promote her new album Witness, but she allowed the world to get a view at the real Katy Perry.

 The livestream had guest, games, Q&A’s, and the most revealing and surprising event - a therapy session. This was a huge deal because no other celebrity has ever done this. Many celebrities and people go to therapy with great success, but none of them let the world in on it. There are two arguments to her showing this in my opinion: One being that a therapy session is a personal private conversation to help the individual, and the other argument is that this is the first time we might be seeing Katheryn Hudson (Katy Perry). Let’s first discuss how therapy is a personal matter. I was very surprised by the fact that Katy Perry revealed this live because celebrities are private people, or attempt to be, and try to maintain some resemblance of a normal life. In her session, Katy talked about how “I so badly want to be Katheryn that I don’t even want to look like Katy Perry anymore sometimes”. This is something personal that she needs to figure out before her fans see it. A lot of people look up to Katy Perry, but to hear that is a façade/ persona is pretty jarring.

Throughout the session it seemed that she needed to figure a lot out on her own and showing that to the world is not necessary or constructive. She was trying to be honest and genuine, but she knew that people were watching and that cameras were there; so it seems that she still filtered some thoughts. On the other hand, Katheryn showed the world who she was for the first time. We got to see that Katy Perry is a mask almost hiding Katheryn. From the session, people can gather and have commented that she wants to be Katheryn but fears and struggles to be Katy. Katheryn is trying to show people not to be afraid of who they are and to embrace it. She has had to adapt to the growing world as well as social media powerhouse, and people have so much access to celebrities today that it makes it difficult for artists to stay true to themselves. People’s opinions are at an all-time high and they feel like they control the artist. Katheryn talks about how “people talk about my hair and how they don’t like it”, but she explains that she cut her hair to be Katheryn. Katheryn and Katy are strong women and she’s trying to express to people that they won’t stop her.

All that she wants is for her fans to see her as a person and not just a celebrity persona. With this new shift in Katy Perry’s own life and career, she is showing the world it’s ok to be you. I feel like we might see a trend of musicians and celebrities opening up a little more to make a better connection to their fans. Social media can be beneficial in promoting music or getting a point across, but we have to be careful because there are plenty of people that just want to break others.