Don't Choose to not Listen to this Song

dvsn is back again with another one. Late Thursday night they dropped “Don’t Choose,” a slightly upbeat track that followed the ballad “Think About Me.” The track, of course, fully captured dvsn’s sensual and getting you in your feelings aura. The falsetto and sultry vocals were in abundance.

Daniel Daley here is pleading with his lover to stay with him instead of finding other things to do since he’s committed to staying with her and giving her a good night. “Don’t choose a club over this tonight/Don’t choose your friends over this tonight/Don’t you forget the way I make it feel/Don’t say you won’t when I know you will.” He’s also very open here, expressing his uncertainty with what he wants out of her and what the status is with the other women in his life. “You say that I always change the topic/When you ask about my other options/But you know that I got commitment issues/But I’m way too honest when I’m with you”

This track here can resonate with anyone who is involved in something undefined; where you can’t necessarily get bae/side bae/fake bae to do what you want them to since you aren’t exclusively involved with them. “I love you and I want to be loved/But I just don’t know how to tell you, oh no no”

It’s deep, and if this is any indication of what is to come from the album we are expecting, then their follow up to last year’s hit Sept 5th may be a classic. dvsn, thank you for more music to get me in my bag.