June 5th at 6AM, DJ Khaled and the beloved Asahd released the cover art for the upcoming album Grateful. They made it available to pre-order, and dropped the third single “To The Max” featuring Drake. A pop-sounding song, characteristic of Drake as of late, “To The Max” followed up “I’m The One” and it's feel-good, summery vibes. Is this what we can expect from the whole album? “Shining” maintained elements of genuine rap with Jay-Z but with no other indication of who else will be featured on this 23-song album, much is left to speculation. DJ Khaled has been one of the most hilarious people on social media for the last two years, and the ascension of his son Asahd as a similar figure has kept the curator of Major Key as relevant as ever. It's great that the Drake vocals finally came in, and perhaps we will see another single or two before the project drops. Rather I should say, “another one.”