Jay-Z is coming to run Hip-Hop for another summer

Is there a new Jay-Z album on the horizon? I 100% believe so. Jay-Z and Beyonce’ have always been the type of artists to move in complete silence until they are ready to surprise us with something new and exciting. Jay-Z has not released an album since Magna Carta Holy Grail, but for the past two years there have been many rumors of either Jay releasing his thirteenth solo album, or a possible collab album with his wife Beyonce’ - which will be sure to be headlining news everywhere. Let’s take a look at some of the indicators that have lead us to this conclusion.

Jay-Z and Beyonce’s favorite number is 4. This stems from Jay being born on December 4th, and Beyonce’ being born on September 4th. Beyonce’ released an album a few years ago titled IV. Also, the couple both have that Roman Numeral tattooed on their ring fingers. Hov mentioned this on their collab track “On the Run Pt. 2” stating, “matching tats, this ink don’t come off even if rings come off, and things ring off.” Also, they were married on the fourth day of the fourth month of 2008. This week, Tidal has reportedly been promoting an ad campaign involving signs of 4.44 all across New York City, most notably in Times Square. In addition, there was a casting call for a new Jay-Z video in Los Angeles earlier this week, which is a big indication of new music coming. Also, over the past year there have been pictures circulating of Jay in the studio with Timberland and Pharell, two producers who played a huge part in helping form Jay’s sound in the 2000s. Jermaine Dupri also spilled the news in an interview with Rap Radar, which he probably was not supposed to, that there is definitely a new Jay Z album on the way.

The biggest indicator of new Hov music to me is that he is set to perform at not one, not two, but three festivals later in 2017. He is headlining Made in America during Labor Day weekend, the Meadows Music and Arts festival, and the Austin City Limits festival. Jay is an extremely busy man, and chances are he isn’t doing all of these festivals to solely perform old music. As calculated as Hov is, it almost only makes sense that a new album will be here before the summer is over; for he has long proclaimed that summers are his. This is something we all as rap fans can be ecstatic for because Jay is often acknowledged as the greatest rapper of all time, and he rarely ever disappoints.