Washed Out

Hey everybody. An artist I would like you to check out is a Georgia based singer, songwriter, and producer - Washed Out. I came across him just looking through the new music released on ITunes, and boy am I glad I found him when I did. He just released his third studio album, Mister Mellow. The album is so seamless when you listen to it and the beats are so chilling that you just forget about all problems and stresses you have. What’s great about Washed Out is that his music makes you feel like you are chilling in his bedroom with him. The album also has some of the most interesting sounds I’ve heard in a while. The whole project sounds like it is being played on a record player with some pops and cracks laid over the actual tracks.

The album kind of goes through the mind of Washed Out. You go on a journey with him and it’s almost like you’re having a conversation with him. The intriguing idea about that is he uses voice recording, sound bits, and other sources of sound that makes the whole album have this very organic feel to it.

Washed Out is the type of artist that you listen to when you want to mellow out (no pun intended). His music is considered to be chill wave, a type of psychedelic and dreamy form of music. So kick back, relax, and enjoy the escape from reality and the mellow vibes of Washed Out. He also has a tour going on if you want to see him live.