"Super Natural” by Turnover; I'm Glad I Stumbled Upon this Gem

We all have those late nights in an Uber, (more often than not) in a drunken stupor, in which we request to have the auxiliary cable to blast our turn up music once more with hopes to somehow keep the party alive once the bars have finally closed. Last weekend was no different for me; in fact, a few close friends and I hopped into the Uber after a raunchy night and of course, I immediately grabbed the aux cord. My go-to would be Young Thug, or Future (to keep me hype in my inebriated state), but my “alternative” friends argued loudly that I play a band I had never heard of before in my life, Turnover. Other times, I would have respectfully declined the request simply due to my skepticism of their music choices, which haven’t always been the best. But I had recently come back from Vans Warped Tour and that definitely was an experience that opened me up to venture further out on the musical spectrum.

So I proceed. With no guidance of which song to play, and I pick their most recently released song, “Super Natural”. Immediately, I was captivated just by the intro because of the vibes the track gave off. It almost felt as if I were in some sort of hazy dream, or floating above the clouds somewhere - “We were in a cloud and I can't tell if it was in my head”. It’s a song I would almost entirely play during the fall on long walks in nature, on a nice day on the beach, or with a special someone.

Also, the track has plenty of quotable lyrics to try out, (despite its poetic/songwriter vibe) once I find that special girl (forever alone).

Turnover’s third studio album Good Nature is set to be released on August 25, 2017, but you can head on over to your preferred music streaming site to listen to “Super Natural” now. With that being said, don't be afraid to “turn over a new leaf”, venture out and listen to music you normally wouldn’t.