"It's Sunny" - TLC

With groups from Fall Out Boy to Blondie putting out albums in 2017 (even Paramore and Incubus), it seems old favorites taking a different musical route is the new hot trend. Hopping aboard the nostalgia train is 90’s legends TLC. Known for their hit singles “Creep” and “No Scrub,” TLC has made classics for cookouts and kick-backs alike. This summer, after a long hiatus and a series of comeback tours, they’ve appeared in full force with a new single “It’s Sunny”.  Despite sampling from Earth, Wind, and Fire’s classic “September,” they diverge from their R&B and hip-hop roots; birthing a significantly more poppy song with increased mainstream appeal. This feel good anthem is something of a love child between Motown, Top40, and that 90’s R&B that every millennial wants to get lost in. The mix is a shocker for those used to TLC’s trademark style, but a pleasant one at that. The iconic trio seems to have aged like a nice Sauternes - sweet and refreshing to those willing to sample its contents. Their next project is most certainly going to be a comeback album to get excited for.