A Conversation with Lunar Vacation

A Conversation with Lunar Vacation

Where is your music currently available online?

It is available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and Bandcamp! We also have a lot of demos on SoundCloud, but no official stuff.

How do each of the streaming services that your music is available on compare to each other? Are some easier to navigate than others? Do some make it easier for your listeners to find you? Do some make it easier for new listeners to discover your music?

Spotify is definitely our most used streaming platform, and from an artist’s perspective, it is the most informative. We can instantly see our monthly listeners, number of plays per song, and our top cities. Many people have told us they have found us on their “discover weekly” playlist (curated weekly by Spotify) or from official Spotify playlists. The “related artists” feature helps us out a lot was well; if someone likes a band similar to us, it takes about two clicks for them to begin listening to us. In terms of density, Spotify takes the cake. That being said, a lot of our audience listens to us on Bandcamp. Our music can be downloaded and streamed ad-free, so I think that appeals to a lot of people. Apple music/iTunes are a bit harder for us to monitor, but I know a lot of dads have bought our EP off of iTunes!

What is the music streaming service that you prefer the most? Spotify? Apple Music? Bandcamp? Soundcloud?

Spotify is most definitely my favorite. As aforementioned, it’s super easy to measure our listeners. We also make our own playlists and can share them with our listeners, which is nice. Everything is really accessible, which makes it all the more fun.

Does Spotify––and other streaming services––work well for gaining revenue from your songs that are uploaded to them?

Royalties are usually pretty delayed; they roll in about 3-4 months at a time. Most of our revenue comes from merch or physical music. Though streaming is accessible, it most definitely is not a steady source of income!

"You know something is wrong when Taylor Swift and Neil Young remove their music from Spotify."

How did your songs “Blue Honey” and “Swimming” get so many plays on Spotify?

“Blue Honey” was added to the Spotify-curated “Badass Women” playlist with about 12k listeners, and “Swimming” was added to a few playlists as well. “Swimming” steadily grew in plays since we put the EP out in August; “Blue Honey” kind of shot up after being added to the Spotify playlist.

What do you think streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music could improve upon?

Obviously, streaming services’ relationship with royalties is not ideal. You know something is wrong when Taylor Swift and Neil Young remove their music from Spotify. Artists deserve proper credit for their music; streaming is a quick way for an artist and audience to connect, and this should not be interrupted by a middle man. Yet, it's nearly impossible to find success without streaming these days. That is why Taylor Swift and Neil Young put their music back on Spotify. Hopefully these faults will be fixed as our digital age progresses.

Paul Oshinski
Paul is a student at UGA.