Afropunk Atlanta 2017


AFROPUNK Atlanta is an experience that has provided me with precious memories that will last forever. The “carnival of conscience” gathered the unconventional, the normal, the alternative, and the queer all together- creating a safe space for exploring the spectrum of black identity, all while promoting community unity and the strength it possesses through a common interest shared by all: art.

Art permeated through the entirety of Afropunk, and the most obvious representations of art were the musical acts. This year’s lineup was filled with artists of immense talent ranging from local to those of global status, all of whom were electric during their sets, as no artist disappointed. Among those, specific headliners this weekend consisted of Miguel, Danny Brown, Solange, Denzel Curry and Willow Smith who brought out her mother, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and performed a song together (she still hasn’t aged a day).

Not only did the musical acts display artful expression, the art installations set up throughout the venue (Terminus) also displayed stunning and attention grabbing pieces. Perhaps, the most expressive aspects of the festival were the attendees themselves. Navigating throughout the festival over the course of two days, I witnessed all different shades of unique hair colors one would have trouble describing to the next person as well as unique clothing and personal aesthetics that reflected inner creativity and ingenuity.

At an event so unique that ultimately uplifts the community in such a way that’s free from judgement and embraces all with open arms, encouraging you to be your most organic self, Afropunk will be an event I most definitely plan on attending again and again in the coming years.