"After the Storm" - Kali Uchis

"After the Storm" by Kali Uchis (video analysis)

The video for “After the Storm” by Kali Uchis, featuring Tyler, the Creator and Bootsy Collins, is finally here, and it is refreshing, eccentric and beautiful. On the track itself, Uchis takes a successful crack at the funk genre, assisted by funk legend Bootsy Collins and Tyler, the Creator’s guttural voice, whose voices mesh perfectly. “After the Storm” is about taking back the power that has always been inside of you. Even in times of struggle, you can persevere and become your own hero.

The video is set in a surreal version of the 1960s Americana era and begins with a storm raging outside. The storm is metaphorically tied to either Uchis’ romantic struggles or a storm raging “within” yourself, whatever that may be. Uchis then sings “so if you need a hero, just look in the mirror.” We then find Uchis actively looking for a solution, because in giving up, no one will be able to save you, not even yourself.

She then plants the seeds that will bloom after the storm is over, laying down a foundation in which she can grow and become a better person. This shows that nothing bad is ever here to stay. We see this in the visual with Tyler, the Creator as the representation of the seeds that she planted. We see Tyler fully sprout, becoming a full-fledged human Chia Pet, along with two young children also in the form of human Chia Pets, manifesting the happiness Uchis was shooting for the entire time. If you weather the storm, you too can reach whatever it is you want to be. All you had to was try.

Images courtesy of Vevo