“Bonnie (Rhythm & Melody)” from Turnover is Serving Vibes

Turnover released a new single from the upcoming, highly anticipated album Good Nature. Titled as “Bonnie (Rhythm & Melody)”, it is listed as the final track on the album that’s slated for an August 25th release. “Bonnie (Rhythm & Melody)” follows similar sonically discernible attributes relating to the earlier released singles from Good Nature. Accompanied by dreamy and “pop” sounding bass and guitar chords are Austin Getz vocals, which sound penetrating and most of all calculated in its nature. Upon initial listen, the song made me feel as if I had laid my eyes upon a love letter, forbidden for my eyes to see with phrases such as, “And even though you aren’t always sweet/ You are all that’s sweet to me.” There’s no doubt that Turnover is a trippy band, and one could also interpret the underlying tones and innuendos of the song to be meant to be describing the singer's choice of drug and the euphoria that is tied in with it whenever they are using. But I believe what makes Turnover so compelling is their ability to hook and reel you in with what seems to be minimal effort (lyrically), but there are endless meanings you can attach to each of their songs that resonate or sit well with you. Good Nature will be an album that I bump for the foreseeable future, regardless of the mood I am in. But for now, you can stream “Bonnie (Rhythm & Melody)” on Apple Music and Spotify.